Philippine delivery man uses Chinese electric car


As a partner of the United Nations Environment Programme's electric mobility project, China's electric car company Shenzhen Tailing Technology Group Co., Ltd. donated 30 new energy electric vehicles to the Philippine Post Corporation on November 27 to help the country cope with growing environmental problems.

At the handover ceremony held on the morning of the 27th, the Tailing Group presented 10 three-wheeled electric vehicles with "Post Green" to the Philippine Post Corporation. Another 20 two-wheeled electric vehicles will also arrive in China from Manila within one month for delivery to local postmen and courier.

"The Philippines is the first pilot project of the United Nations Environment Programme's electric mobility project in the Asia-Pacific region. The group hopes to use this project to promote green and energy-saving travel methods and promote environmental protection concepts in the Philippines." The relevant person in charge of Tailing Group said.

Oliver Baldrama, general manager of the Manila Metropolitan Area, which accepts the donation, said the newly equipped new energy vehicles will help the Manila Post system to improve delivery efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Belt Fabian, project director of the Air Quality and Mobility Group of the Asia-Pacific Regional Office of the United Nations Environment Programme, said that environmental pollution and traffic congestion in the Philippines, especially Manila, have attracted worldwide attention. The introduction of new energy vehicles is an important solution means.

"The United Nations Environment Programme will integrate other projects in the future to form a comprehensive plan to work with the Philippine government to solve the environmental problems currently facing," Fabian said.